The performance of the Russian military forum “Army-2017”. Video

The performance of the aircraft su-30 aerobatic team “Falcons of Russia”

© Marina Lystseva/TASS


Forum “Army-2017”, taking place at several sites in the Moscow region on Friday is now open to the public.

“In the fourth day of the forum six dynamic shows and 42 round table, as well as a number of activities that serve the Patriotic education of the citizens. At the sites of expositions of weapons, military equipment and the latest promising developments”, – said the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

The event will be held show “Polite people”.

At the airfield Kubinka pilots will demonstrate mastery. Aerobatic team “Falcons of Russia” on su-30CM will come into maneuvering air combat, “the Golden Eagles” on Mi-28N helicopters will cause fire damage positions of the imaginary enemy. The show will end on a landing tactical air landing demonstration of the action of the intelligence units of the airborne troops.