Putin gave Netanyahu the “pathetic thing”

Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the gift that was presented to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Sochi. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook on Friday, August 25.

“President Putin this week gave me touching a thing: an excerpt of the first book of the Tanakh, published with commentaries [Rabbi] Rashi”, — quotes the words of the Prime Minister of Israel the RT.

He noted that he will pass the manuscript to the national library.

“I thank President Putin for his friendship and significant cooperation between us!” — added the Israeli Prime Minister.

The meeting of Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu was held in Sochi on August 23.

The Russian President often gives books as gifts. In March he presented to the Prime Minister of Israel a copy of the “Jewish war” of the ancient historian Josephus 1526 edition. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov he congratulated the 54 th anniversary of the collected works of Minister of Finance of Imperial Russia Sergei Witte, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov — a book of poems of Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev, which is about 50 years gave the diplomatic service.

Tanach — the adopted Hebrew name of the Jewish Holy Scriptures. Rabbi Rashii — the largest medieval commentator of the Talmud and the classic commentators of the Tanakh.