From the Black sea raised the bus

Continuation: SC established the owner of the fallen in the Kuban bus

The bus crashed into the Black sea in the Krasnodar region, raised on the shore. As reported by RIA Novosti, stated in the regional Central Board MOE.

On the scene are two dozen of divers-rescuers, informs “Interfax”. “20 divers of EMERCOM of Russia, involved two mobile diving installation. The work will also involve teams of divers arrived from the Republic of Crimea”, — the head told a press-services of management Nikita Havryliak.

Channel five news (@5tv)
25 August 2017, 07:31

On the morning of Friday, August 25, Wave in the village with the construction of the pier fell into the water rotational bus. According to recent reports, killed 14 people saved 24, of which 8 were hospitalized. The bus was carrying workers of the company “Tamanneftegas”, engaged in the construction of the pier.

A criminal case under article about infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles. “Will consider all possible versions of the accident, including related traffic violations by the bus driver, technical malfunction,” said the Investigative Committee.

TASS in the press service of the administration Temryuk district, where the village of Wave, said that the incident occurred on the territory of “Tamanneftegas”. We also found out that the car belongs to the holding company “OTEKO-Portservis”.