New Zealand will increase forces in Afghanistan three soldiers

New Zealand authorities on request, NATO has decided to increase the grouping of its troops in Afghanistan. Soon there will go another three soldiers. Thus, the new Zealand contingent in Afghanistan will amount to 13 people, the Associated Press reports.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand bill English (Bill English) said that his country “plays its role in the global effort to stem the spread of terrorism in the world.”

New Zealand troops have been in Afghanistan since 2001, with the beginning of military operation of the USA and allies against the Taliban (banned in Russia). As a rule, new Zealanders have been training students of the Academy of the Afghan national army in Kabul.

Earlier it was reported that the new Zealand contingent will remain in Afghanistan until at least 2018.

Tuesday, August 22, the US President Donald trump announced a new strategy for Afghanistan. The us President assured that his approach will be to prevent the transformation of that country into a safe haven for Islamist militants seeking to attack the United States.

Earlier, us media also reported that trump has taken the decision to increase military presence in Afghanistan for four thousand people.

The United States began a military operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 in response to the terrorist act of 11 September of the same year. Active military actions lasted for 10 years. From July 2011 began a gradual withdrawal of coalition troops from Afghanistan. In 2014, after the U.S. and allies have completed a number of special operations, a decision was made about the end of the active phase of the war.

At the moment are in Afghanistan, 8.4 thousand American soldiers. They mainly train the local troops, but often they have to participate in the fighting against the Taliban.