The flight attendant and two passengers in the US suffered as a result of turbulence

Aircraft regional airlines USA SkyWest Airlines made an emergency landing after the three people on Board suffered as a result of turbulence. Reported by the Associated Press.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, August 22. The aircraft performed flights from Atlanta (GA) Chicago (Il), when it fell into an area of turbulence.

In the result of the turbulence suffered by the flight attendant and two passengers. According to The Aviation Herald, the steward received a head injury, the injury of travelers with accurate information.

The commander of the ship decided to interrupt the flight and land at the international airport Lambert St. Louis in Missouri. The plane landed safely, after which the victims were taken to the hospital. After that, the aircraft flew to the destination. Flight delays totaled three hours.

Earlier in August it became known that the aircraft carrier Americans American Airlines was in severe turbulence shortly before landing in Pennsylvania. For this reason, injured three passengers and seven employees of the airline.