The Cabinet of Ministers, 249 million rubles for resettlement of the burnt village in the Irkutsk region


RIA Novosti

The Russian government will direct 249,1 million rubles in Irkutsk region for the financial support for the resettlement of residents of the village of Bubnivka Kirensky district of the region, which it was decided to liquidate after a fire in April 2017. The corresponding decree of 17 August published on August 22 on the official portal of legal information.

The Cabinet will allocate the money to the Ministry from the reserve Fund and the office will distribute them to the region. According to the document, the grant is issued “in connection with the closing (settlement), referring to the living quarters of the citizens of this city”.

The Ministry of construction was instructed to conclude with the authorities of the Irkutsk oblast a relevant agreement, ” providing including performance targets and indicators and implementation time.”

Earlier it was reported that the village of Bubnivka will be eliminated. Agreed, local residents, discussed the proposal at a meeting of citizens on may 18. The decision was supported by the local authorities in Kirensky district and Bubnovsky rural settlement.

In Bubnivka to the fire that occurred on April 28, were living 435 people. They were all evacuated from the village, located on the island on the Lena river. During the fire injured one person.

In case of fire in Bubnivka, where the burned 59 homes, left homeless and 292 people, including 86 children. Authorities in Irkutsk region have decided to relocate the village because it was burned a kindergarten, school, post office and left social facilities and jobs.