Japanese students were afraid to send to GUAM, after threats of North Korea

School in the Japanese Prefecture of Oita decided to cancel the trip of their high school students on the American island of GUAM located in the Pacific ocean, after the threats of North Korea to make it to launch ballistic missiles. On Thursday, August 24, RIA Novosti reported, citing Kyodo.

The trip was planned for October. Kyodo notes that this is the first time when the situation around North Korea had an impact on the educational process.

However, as reported by Pyongyang’s threats were concerned about how students and their parents. The school management said that the decision was made to meet them and to cancel the trip.

All in all, September and November on GUAM are planning to go the 12 students of Japanese schools, indicates Kyodo.

The DPRK on 8 August announced it was ready to launch a missile attack on the American force on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean. In the case of an order of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN’s military will launch a ballistic missile of average range “And 12”, first tested on may 14.

August 13, U.S. President Donald trump said that Washington, along with diplomatic and economic measures, ready to use force to eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea. Two days later, Kim Jong-UN promised to postpone the strike.