The man had shared extremist videos with two members and sat for five years

Saghir Hussein

A resident of the English city of Brantford Saghir Hussein (Sagheer Hussain) was sentenced to five years in prison for spreading extremist videos is prohibited on the territory of the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”. About it reports The Independent.

39-year-old man had published the first three videos in your profile in Google+, where his updates followed two subscribers. In addition, he added to the video description, which also supported terrorists. Before extremist materials were deleted, they looked more than 25 thousand times.

Hussein was arrested by anti-terrorist division in January of this year and was charged on three counts of articles about the dissemination of information of extremist nature.

In April, the hacker under the alias WauchalaGhost hacked more than 250 Twitter accounts belonging to supporters of the terrorist group “Islamic state” and published them in pictures with gay men and links to gay porn. So the man took revenge for the attack in a gay bar, Pulse Orlando in June 2016, which killed 49 people.