In Rotterdam because of the threat of a terrorist attack canceled the rock concert

The city authorities of Rotterdam in the Netherlands has cancelled a concert by American rock band Allah-Las after the detection to the area where they were supposed to be musicians, the van with gas cylinders. On Wednesday, August 23, according to Reuters.

It is noted that in the van of the Spanish numbers, his driver was arrested. It is known that the possibility of a terrorist attack, the Dutch police warned their Spanish counterparts.

Source Reuters reported that the detainee had not revealed any links with Barcelona by terrorists, it continues to interrogate.

Last week in the Catalan Alcanar, two explosions occurred. The first of these occurred on the morning of 17 August in a house where, as it turned out, was a meth lab and the second in the night of 18 August in the same area.

In the afternoon of August 17 in Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona minibus ran over a pedestrian (according to the latest data, killed 15 people). Some time later, on the Diagonal Avenue, the car hit several police officers cordoned off the site of the attack. The same evening in the town of Cambrils is another group of terrorists tried to attack in the Barcelona scenario.

Police believe that the incidents in Alcanar can be associated with the terrorist attack in Barcelona.