Rescuers pulled drowning in a bath on wheels of Severodvinsk

In Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk oblast) rescuers pulled from the river Kamaliza drunken man who was drowning in a bath on wheels. It is reported

The incident occurred in the night of Monday, August 21. In the bath on wheels rested two men. One of them was able to get out of the cab and swim to shore. To explain what happened, he failed because he was intoxicated.

“Upon arrival of the rescue car GAZ-66 kung-bath was in the river Kamaliza in the area of the suspension bridge at a depth of about 1.5 meters. In kung discovered a sleeping man with signs of alcoholic intoxication”, — reported in rescue service of Severodvinsk. The victim was taken ashore and handed over to the ambulance.

Earlier in August in Novokuznetsk fined the owner “gazelles” carrying in the body pool in which were several people. The car blocked one of the Central streets of the city. The driver explained that his passengers so relaxing. Concerning the driver made administrative reports on violation of rules of transportation of people and Parking of vehicles, and also for failure to comply with mandatory liability insurance. The total fine amounted to 1.8 thousand rubles.