Media: Russia urges US and North Korea to hold talks


RIA Novosti

Russia offers Washington and Pyongyang to hold direct talks. While in North Korea are convinced that dialogue is necessary. But America refuses to talk. The US government explain its refusal by the fact that in the DPRK there is no democracy and human rights are not respected. The conversation the American authorities are ready only after a freeze by North Korea of its nuclear program.

“We, as well as other members of the six, have been trying to organize direct talks between the Americans and the North Koreans. Dialogue without intermediaries insists Pyongyang. But now North Korea has gone in one gap, and the United States in the other. Some continue nuclear testing, while others are fixated on the “lack of democracy and human rights”, — quotes its source in the Russian dipkrugah gazetasi.

In addition there is information that the US wants to use force in the DPRK. Such a scenario is of concern to Moscow.

Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the possibility of economic pressure on North Korea is almost exhausted. According to him, Moscow does not support the ideas of the partners about the economic strangulation of North Korea.