In the US, the car crashed into the crowd watching the Eclipse people

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In the United States, the car crashed into a crowd of people watching a solar Eclipse, as a result, one person was killed. It is reported by the TV station WLKY.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Monday, August 21, in the County of Leslie state of Kentucky.

38-year-old Alyssa noble has not coped with management and ran into a lamppost and two women who watched the Eclipse. It killed 23-year-old woman, another was hospitalized. Was hospitalized and noble.

The fact of the accident is under investigation.

August 20, the driver of the car in Belgium crashed into a group of people — party members. Four people were injured, one of them in serious condition. The perpetrators were detained by police after an hour in the persecution.

A solar Eclipse, the total phase which could be observed only from the United States, took place on 21 August. It is also called the “Great American Eclipse”.