Russian General staff, was awarded Syrian General for the landing in the rear of the IG*

The chief of the General staff of armed forces Valery Gerasimov was awarded the Syrian General at the air base Hamim for the operation of the landing to the rear of the terrorists “Islamic state” * (IG*) in the district of Deir-ez-Zor, according to the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

“On behalf of Russian defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu during a visit to a Russian airbase Hamim in the SAR, the chief of the General staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation thanked the Syrian servicemen for courage and heroism shown during the successful joint actions with the Russian space forces against ISIL militants” , — stated in the message.

It is reported that General of the army Valery Gerasimov presented the Brigadier General of the Syrian army, Hassan Shalu letter of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation and premium edged weapon.

A joint special operation of the Russian and Syrian military assault on al-CDERA

“For a successful offensive along the Euphrates river, the part in the liberation of the strategically important settlement of es-Sohne, as well as the user actions for the landing of tactical landing and capture of the village of El CDER the defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu you are awarded for bravery,” — said General of the army Valery Gerasimov, quoted by the Agency.

Earlier it was reported that the Syrian Armed forces on the night of August 12 carried out the operation on disembarkation of a tactical landing in the rear of the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”8, capturing the town of El-CDER. It was also reported that Russian military advisers took part in the preparation and management of the operation of the landing, the operation was carried out under the guidance of one of the most famous Syrian commanders — General Hassan Suhela.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.