In North Korea died the last American soldier-defector

James Dresnok

In North Korea died James Dresnok, the last runaway, in Korea American soldiers, reports BBC News.

He died at the age of 74 in November of 2016, however, officially, the death was announced only on August 21. “Father asked us one thing — be loyal employees, honest employees dear leader, Kim Jong Ynu, and to raise children so that they followed our path”, — told in interview to local media, the eldest son of James, Ted Dresnok.

James Dresnok served at the U.S. base in South Korea, he decided to cross the demilitarized zone with the North in 1962. According to the testimony of colleagues, before escaping soldiers went into the town on a false document, and he faced the Tribunal. In addition, at that time he suffered from breaking up with his wife.

Dresnok lived in Korea more than 50 years, became a social activist and movie star — he starred, for example, in the film “Nameless heroes”. It is American defector voiced record calling for the soldiers at the demarcation line lay down their arms and go to the side of North Korea. In the movie Dresnok usually played American villains.