In Chile refused to produce iron ore for the sake of penguins

In Chile refused to produce iron ore for the sake of penguins

MOSCOW, 21 Aug — RIA Novosti. The government of Chile has abandoned the project cost $ 2.5 billion for the extraction of iron and copper to protect thousands of rare penguins, living on the territory, where the planned implementation of the project, reports AFP.

According to the Agency, informed a local company Andes Iron has developed a plan for the extraction of millions of tons of metals from the mine and the construction of a new port in the Northern region of Coquimbo.

The project was criticized by environmental organizations, and the Committee of Ministers rejected the proposal because “it did not provide the necessary guarantees” for the environment.

“Compensatory measures were inadequate and could not guarantee the protection of rare species”, — quotes Agency of the Minister of environment of Chile, Marcelo MENA. According to him, the government supports the projects, but the company needs to offer solutions to compensate for the damage they cause.

It is noted that in the Coquimbo region is the national reserve of Humboldt penguins, which is home to many species of wild animals.