Zhirinovsky earned on the sale of 3 thousand rubles


RIA Novosti

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has arranged the sale of socks, shoes and costumes for the Moscow market. The proceeds 3 thousand everyone was treated to lemonade. About the sale according to Twitter policy, which published the video from the market.

Zhirinovsky came to the market with the same party to sell Souvenirs from the liberal democratic party in the form of toilet water, socks, leather shoes and even suits.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the flea market in Moscow https://t.co/LpfAhhWy64— Vladimir Zhirinovsky (@Zhirinovskiy) 19 Aug 2017

“Yes, by 50 give greedy a man, standing. Suits — 500”, — gave orders to his followers Zhirinovsky

Then the politician reduced prices and suits were selling for 200-300 rubles.

At the end of the PR campaign, the MP urged make permanent markets like the Bazaar in Istanbul and were treated to lemonade all present.

Journalists have calculated that the representatives of the liberal democratic party bought lemonade for 3 thousand rubles, and concluded that rescued the party and its leader from the sale of Souvenirs.