Putin has allowed the military to seize land from citizens

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the defense Ministry the right to confiscate land for public use. The presidential decree published on the official portal of legal information.

The document came into force since the signing date is 17 August 2017.

The document notes that the military “takes within its competence on the reservation and the seizure of land for state needs of the Russian Federation for construction and reconstruction of objects of defense.”

Also from the decree follows that of the Ministry of defence had the opportunity to issue permits for the construction of “objects of defense and security” within the infrastructure of the national guard troops. Earlier, the Ministry could issue permits only for construction of facilities of the Armed forces.

Thus, the defense Ministry was the third Ministry, which received this year’s right to seize land from owners. In March this opportunity was provided to the FSO, and in may the FSB. The FSB stated that it is necessary for security, for example, in zones with special conditions of use of territories or near state borders.