In Austria, the teen found a grenade and brought it to the police

In the Austrian town of Knittelfeld (Styria) 12-year-old boy found in a dumpster anti-tank grenade. It is reported BFMTV.

His discovery, he took to the police station, which caused a stir among the guards. Law enforcement stated that any munition, even if it’s old and rusty, is a danger, and his clearance may only be EOD or explosives.

Experts determined that the projectile is a 40mm shot of the anti-tank grenade launcher. How he ended up in a dumpster — is not specified.

August 14 passengers and staff the North station in Paris was evacuated because of a bomb during the Second world war. As the newspaper notes, the security found a suspicious object in Luggage of one of passengers. He allegedly had planned to take a bomb with you on a train going to London.