In Tyumen, the police, the hunter was killed while trying to kill a raccoon

In Tyumen on the hunt killed a law enforcement officer — he accidentally shot himself with a gun. About it reported in the regional Department of internal Affairs.

The incident occurred in the night of Monday, August 14. The victim — the chief of investigative Department OP №6 Tyumen Alexey Cowcow. “Being in the next vacation, the careless handling of a weapon the police officer was wounded, resulting died. Verification of accident not connected with office activity of police”, — told the Agency, stressing that the gun that the police received a mortal wound, it was not official.

According to the source, the gun went off when the officer tried to finish with the butt of a raccoon, which he and his friends moved to the car. Presumably, the men were in possession of unregistered weapons.

In late 2015 the Moscow police officer died during the night hunting near Ryazan. The two men drove the hare across the field by car. At some point before the car jumped the second rabbit, then suddenly the animals scattered in different directions. The driver sharply turned, the car overturned, leaning out of the car a man received a serious head injury from which he died on the spot.