Chief strategist the US has declared economic war with China

Chief strategist the US has declared economic war with China

MOSCOW, 17 Aug — RIA Novosti. The main strategic Advisor of the American President Steven Bannon said that the US is waging an economic war with China.

His words conveys edition of the American Prospect.

Bannon also noted that one of only two countries in the next 25-30 years will be the hegemon. Strategist White house also warned the American authorities, stating that if the United States is “stuck this way”, then China will become the world leader and “the United States will never be able to recover if they continue to lose.”

The Korean problem

Not’bannon left without attention and the North Korean problem, which has escalated due to the recent threats by Pyongyang to attack the us military base of GUAM in the Pacific ocean. Adviser to trump noted that China can reach agreement that the nuclear programme of the DPRK have been frozen, and Washington in this case have withdrawn its forces from the Peninsula. However, the publication emphasizes that according to the chief strategist of the White house, this scenario is possible only in the long term.

Bannon also said that the North Korean problem has no military solution.