And strategic Advisor to trump declared economic war on the United States and China

Stephen Bannon

The US presidential Advisor for strategic Affairs Steven Bannon said that Beijing and Washington are against each other in an economic war. He told this in an interview with The American Prospect.

“We are in a state of economic war with Beijing. The Chinese do not hide their actions. One of us 25-30 years to become a global hegemon, and it will not be us, if we continue on our current path. What about Pyongyang, it’s just a diversion, a trifle,” — said the expert.

According to him, Washington must maniacally focus on China as a loss in the next five to ten years will be the tipping point for the United States, after which the rivalry with China will be impossible.

August 14 the President of the United States Donald trump instructed the trade representative Robert Leitheiser to study possible violations by China of intellectual property rights of U.S. companies. The American leader also said that Washington is ready to tighten the rules to ensure fair trade. Beijing responded by saying that he would not leave without an answer to the unilateral US measures, and promised to take “measures of a similar nature”.

Stephen Bannon is a former owner of the far-right publication Breitbart. A graduate of Harvard University, Bannon has worked at Goldman Sachs and then started shooting documentaries. In his films argues that the modern Judeo-Christian civilization is under attack: her attack “rogue capitalism” of China and Russia, “predatory libertarian capitalism” and “radical Islamic fascism.”