In Saudi Arabia died, second Prince from the beginning of August

Saudi Arabia’s Royal court announced the death of Prince Bandar bin Fudd Ben Saad Ben Abdulrahman al Saud. About August 17, according to Saudi news Agency SPA. The cause of his death is not called.

August 8, Saudi media reported the death of Prince Salman bin Abdallah bin Turki al Saud, the details of his death also did not lacrymalis.

The funeral ceremony for the deceased on Thursday, Bandar al-Saud will be held in the same mosque in the capital Riyadh, where in the last journey accompanied Salman al Saud.

19 October last year in Saudi Arabia led to the execution of the death sentence against the Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir. A member of the Royal family was convicted of murder three years ago.

Currently in Saudi Arabia, lives five to seven thousand of the descendants of Ibn Saud, they are all princes emirs.