“All presidential HR*HB”: trump’s tweets to cartoons

“All presidential HR*HB”: trump’s tweets to cartoons

Donald Trump 140 characters is enough to control America and to decide the fate of the world. His compatriot Shannon Wheeler decided to make the know-how of American politics more accessible and translated Twitter US President on the universal language of cartoons.

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— Shannon Wheeler (@MuchCoffee) 22 July 2017 At boot time the error occurred.The Prosecutor of the sessions in the Senate: “I never communicated with the Russians.”

The first six months of the presidency of the trump passed under the sign of scandal about the relations of his entourage with Russia. Trump has repeatedly denied any relationship with the Kremlin, but the content of his Twitter often conflicted with reality.

“Russia never tried to push me. I HAVE NO TIES WITH RUSSIA – NO TRANSACTIONS, NO CREDITS, NO NOTHING!” – trump wrote in January.

However, it later emerged that his sons talked about the involvement of Russian capital, and one of them met with the Russians in an attempt to get dirt on rival trump the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Daily leaks and revelations repeatedly put trump in an awkward position. In March, he launched into a Twitter tirade against the Democrats, allegedly poured fake encounters attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions with the Russian Ambassador.

“Jeff sessions is an honest man. He didn’t say anything bad” – began to trump a series of five tweets of the evening, and completed the traditional transition from defense to offense: “It’s just a blatant witch hunt!”

After three months of sessions admitted that he met with the Ambassador of Russia in the election campaign, and was forced to withdraw from the investigation of the alleged interference of the Kremlin in presidential elections in the United States.