DPRK authorities have summoned their ambassadors in Pyongyang

Key ambassadors of North Korea, return to Pyongyang. According to the Agency Yonhap, the DPRK caused by diplomats from Russia, China and representative to the UN.

Presumably, they will participate in a joint meeting regarding the recent developments related to the DPRK missile tests and the subsequent sanctions by the UN Security Council. While the exact number called ambassadors remains unknown.

In July 2015 in Pyongyang hosted the 43rd meeting of diplomats of the highest level, the current collection recalls the event, told reporters the official representative of South Korean Ministry of unification.

August 13, U.S. President Donald trump said that, along with diplomatic and economic measures that Washington was ready to use force to eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea. Two days before that, he warned the leader of North Korea from striking at the American military base on GUAM, or any other military aggression. “If Kim Jong-UN once again threaten us, or do anything against the USA, he will very soon regret it”, he said.

The UN security Council on 5 August adopted a resolution toughening sanctions against Pyongyang. Among other things, all the countries were forbidden to buy of Pyongyang’s coal, iron, lead, and seafood, were also frozen accounts of the Bank for foreign trade of the DPRK.