The mayor of Charlottesville put on trump blame for the unrest in the city

American mayor of Charlottesville (Virginia) Mike Signer laid on the President of the United States Donald trump responsible for the growth of radical sentiment, which resulted in clashes between supporters and opponents of right-wing organizations in the city. He told about it in interview to TV channel CNN.

“Look at his campaign, flirting with supporters of the white supremacist, white nationalist, anti-Semitic groups. And look at the number of unsuccessful attempts to condemn, to criticize their actions,” said Signer.

In Charlottesville August 12, neo-Nazis held a spontaneous torchlight procession, requiring local authorities to refuse demolition of the monument to Confederate General Robert Edward Lee (party civil war between the North and the South of the USA). After that, the city erupted in riots, which injured 15 people. Later on the March against the far-right rally car at high speed drove into a crowd, killing one person, another 19 were injured. On the same day on the outskirts of the city fell, a police helicopter, killing two people. Authorities have linked the crash with earlier events.

Trump’s reaction boiled down to the expression of condolences to the bereaved families and condemned the “blatant expressions of hatred, intolerance and violence”.