Trump: U.S. ready to use military action against the DPRK

Trump: U.S. ready to use military action against the DPRK

The US President Donald trump said that the US and its allies are ready to apply in relation to the DPRK’s measures of economic, diplomatic and military nature.

As reported the press service of the White house, he said during a telephone conversation with French leader Emmanuel Macron.

According to the report, during the conversation, trump stressed the US desire “to stop its nuclear threat” from North Korea.

It is reported that trump and macron have agreed to work together with its allies on compliance with the sanctions against the DPRK over the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Sanctions against North Korea were imposed by the UN security Council unanimously, by the decision of all 15 members of the Council. According to the Council resolution on sanctions, the DPRK is prohibited export of lead, copper, coal and some other minerals, as well as moreprodukty. Foreign investors are prohibited to increase their investment in Korea and to launch new projects in the country.

Later, the DPRK announced that it is developing a plan for a nuclear attack on Anderson air base in GUAM.