The Governor of Virginia said that right – “there is no place in America”

The Governor of Virginia said that right – “there is no place in America”

WASHINGTON, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. The American Governor of Virginia Terry Makulit on Saturday issued a sharp criticism of right-wing organizations, representatives of which the second day hold shares in Charlottesville.

In Virginia, there is a regime of emergency in connection with the clashes in Charlottesville supporters of right-wing organizations and their opponents. According to official figures, the city as a result of various incidents killed one person and injured another 34.

“I have a message for the white Suprematists and the Nazis, who arrived today in Charlottesville: go home! Then you did not wait. Shame on you! You pretend to be patriots, but you anyone but the patriots… So, you have no place in Virginia and in America,” the Governor said at a press conference.

He also accused members of inciting hatred and intolerance.

Counter protesters regroup at Water St., reclaiming their city. #charlottesville

— The ACLU of Virginia (@ACLUVA) 12 Aug 2017
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Supporters of right-wing protested against the authorities ‘ plans to remove from the “emancipation Park” a monument to Confederate General during the Civil war, Robert Edward Lee. The first clashes between protesters and their opponents, and the arrests began Friday, when hundreds of ultra-right held a torchlight procession through the city. Just in the city, according to various estimates, the profit from two to six thousand right-wing, including members of neo-Nazi organizations and “Ku Klux Klan”.