Proven and reliable: Russia handed over to Kyrgyzstan two An-26


RIA Novosti

Two upgraded transport aircraft An-26 joined the fleet of the air force of Kyrgyzstan. Military vehicles handed over to Russia. One of the first they saw the correspondent of “MIR 24” Egor Orlov.

An-26 is one of the most reliable military transport aircraft medium-range missiles. Since beginning production in 1969, they produced several hundred different modifications. They are used for ice and exploration, as mobile medical centers.

Operates such a machine crew of five. Be based and serviced the aircraft will be at the CSTO airbase in Kant.

“These aircraft will enhance the capabilities of the Kyrgyz armed forces in tasks related to the transport of goods and personnel, landing of special forces in training and special operations,” — said the chief of the General staff of the armed forces of the Republic of Rahimberdi Duishenbiev.

Presented “An” — 1987 release. Before sending in Kyrgyzstan they have passed a complete overhaul and modernization. They were equipped with modern navigation equipment. The aircraft meet all the requirements of safety and ready to perform combat tasks.

“Kyrgyzstan can always count on our support. The armed forces of our countries should be always ready to develop any scenario, including negative,” — said the Deputy Minister of defense of Russia Alexander Fomin.

To manage “Agency” and monitor their technical condition will be Kyrgyz pilots and technicians. Especially for this 14-man crew were trained in Russia.

Over the past few years, Russia supplied Kyrgyzstan weapons more than a billion dollars. Countries are strategic allies and are included in the SCO and the CSTO.