Barcelona held a rally against the tourists at the beach

Barcelona held a rally against the tourists at the beach

Several hundred residents of Barcelona staged a protest against mass tourism on the most popular among tourists the beach of Barceloneta.

The protesters hung posters with inscriptions “We do not want tourists,” “Stop mass tourism” and others.

The action was organized by the residents of the district of Barceloneta, they were joined by residents of other areas of the Catalan capital.

The district of Barceloneta is located between the port of Barcelona and the Olympic village is one of the main places where tourists.

In the area facing the waterfront, is a lot of hotels and restaurants, and many apartments in houses rented by the vacationers.

Barcelona unhappy with the behavior of tourists, as well as the fact that due to the sharp increase in the number of tourists in the city rising prices for rental apartments.

“We used to live next to thieves and addicts, was trying to get along, and we did it. But tourism has destroyed everything,” said one of the participants of the action.

In the first half of Spain set a new record for the number of foreign tourists arrived in the country of 36.4 million people.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that tourism accounts for 11% of GDP.