In the ice of Greenland started fires

In the ice of Greenland started fires

New satellite images showed that near the ice sheet of Greenland, on the West coast of the island, began large-scale fires. About it reports BBC News.

Fires are rarely seen on the island, 80% of whose territory is covered with thick ice up to three kilometers. However, since July 31 satellites detected fires to the North-East of the city of Sisimiut. According to experts, burning peat, drying up due to global warming. Climatologists claim that the whole of Greenland is now less than surface waters, making vegetation easier to burn.

Judging by the pictures, do not burn the moss, and no shrubs, and peat. The line remained stable, in contrast to the characteristic of forest fires picture is another proof of the burning peat. Scientists believe that such a situation has arisen due to melting permafrost. Current fires — the largest in Greenland for 15 years of operation of the instrument MODIS on the Terra satellite, which monitors the state of the planet.

Scientists fear that the soot from the fires settled on the glacier, which will contribute to its further melting. So far, they have only hope promised by the meteorologists, the rains can put out fires.