The bodies of two babies found in a landfill in Sverdlovsk region

The bodies of two babies found in the garbage landfill in Upper Pyshma Sverdlovsk region. On Thursday, August 10, reported “Interfax” the senior assistant of the head of regional investigatory management SKR Alexander Shulga.

The examination found that children were stillborn, they have no injuries. “The indications are that they were born together,” — said Shulga.

The investigators find out circumstances of the incident.

In April 2016 the body of a newborn baby found in a cesspool in a private house in the Chelyabinsk region. The mother later admitted that the boy was born dead, and then she dropped the corpse into the pit, saying to relatives, he left his son in the hospital. Prior to that in February in Moscow, the janitor saved the infant thrown down the garbage chute. His mother was a native of one of the countries of the CIS. 38-year-old woman, leading an asocial life, so tried to get rid of the baby.