Putin demanded to stop the nonsense with paid certificates for the victims of the disaster

Vladimir Putin and Tatyana Golikova

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded to exclude the cases of charging money for information from victims in emergency situations. The words of the head of state leads TASS.

“Normative need to adjust once and for all that such nonsense was not”, — Putin said at a meeting with the head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova on Thursday, August 10.

“People were left without a penny, the state allocates money to support them, and with them someone else, some structures skinned a thousand, sometimes three, sometimes five,” he added.

June 15 during a straight line to the head of state asked the resident of the village of Krasnokumskoye, Stavropol territory, which was badly damaged by flooding in may. Valentine Sakowska complained that to get financial assistance in connection with the loss of the property need to get the paperwork, which takes 15 thousand rubles. In this case the lump-sum payment.

The President replied that he “keeps in mind” how could this happen despite the fact that the government transferred funds to support the victims. He was on the air addressed to the Governor of Stavropol Vladimir Vladimirov with a question: “Mr President, where is the money?”

“What you’re trying to raise some money (…) for the receipt of any certificates, is complete nonsense. Must be paid 10 thousand rubles for operational support, 50 thousand — for partial loss of property, 100 thousand for the total loss of property. All references should be collected at the municipal, city and regional authorities free of charge,” Putin added.

On the same day to Sakowski came to the Governor, and she transferred money into the account.