“I invite Ramzan Kadyrov just to watch a movie”

“I invite Ramzan Kadyrov just to watch a movie”

Alexei Uchitel — about the new turn in the story of “Matilda”.

The Director of “Matilda” has invited the head of Chechnya to see the movie. Alexei Uchitel hopes that Ramzan Kadyrov will be able to make own idea about the tape, before banning it in the country. Earlier in the Ministry of culture has requested of the head of Chechnya to exclude the region from a distribution certificate “Matilda”. The Department stated that it would comply with the wish of the local authorities. Earlier the Prosecutor’s office of Simferopol, warned the cinemas of the city on the inadmissibility of rental trailers of the film. The lawyers of Alexey Uchitel appealed the decision of the Prosecutor’s office. The Director in an interview with “Kommersant FM” has commented on the situation.

Do you have concerns that in many Russian regions can prohibit the showing of the movie “Matilda”?

I hope the laws of the Russian state, who say that we have no censorship. The film does not violate the law in any aspect is established by the competent expert Committee of the St. Petersburg University. MS Poklonskaya introduces misled the public, saying that it is a huge number of letters demanding to ban the picture. We found that in the state Duma was no more than 1.5 thousand of such applications, does not 100 million, says the Deputy. For some parliamentarians and governors, I hope that these people have their own opinion. Until they watch the film, they can’t deny.