In Kosovo released the detained Russian citizens

In Kosovo released the detained Russian citizens

The government partially recognized Republic of Kosovo released a group of Russian and Serbian citizens after a court fined them for illegal border crossing to €250, according to the Serbian newspaper “Evening news”.

A group of Russians and Serbs, which, according to the Director of the office for Kosovo and Metohija (Kim) of the government of Serbia Marko djurica, was a pregnant woman and a minor child, was detained for 48 hours by the Kosovo police. According to the newspaper, a group of Russians consisted of businessmen, their wives and children. According to the “Evening news”, they were kept in prison in Pristina.

Police partially recognized Republic of Kosovo on 9 August detained a group of 11 citizens of Russia and Serbia for illegally crossing the border six Russian and five Serbs aged 15 to 48 years.

The Serbian government demanded “immediately” to free the citizens of Russia and Serbia.

Russia and Serbia do not recognize Kosovo’s independence. Authorities Respubliki allow the Russians to visit its territory, in particular, visa-free entry for holders of diplomatic passports and holders of valid multiple entry Schengen visa.