The founder of vapers told about the consequences of the ban to soar in bars

Ban hookahs and wapow in restaurants and bars does not change the situation with Smoking. This opinion of the National news service (NSN) was expressed by the founder of the movement of vapers and industry VapeRussia Alexander Vassiliev.

“If the state decided to regulate and believes that this will lead to some outflow, then it’s probably only a matter of the state. In fact, the effect will be counterproductive. All will also be to smoke hookah, but, apparently, home. Electronic cigarette, only this time on the street. And for the most part nothing will change”, — Vasilyev said, noting that currently in many places is also prohibited to use VAPI.

On 8 July it was reported that in the framework of the project “Healthy lifestyle” Russians ban Smoking electronic cigarettes and hookahs in public catering establishments. The relevant documents should be ready by February 2018. Also, according to the plan, to sell hookahs and VAPI will be persons older than 18 years.

According to the project, by 2025, the share of adherents of a healthy lifestyle among Russians is expected to increase from the current 36 to 60 percent. The government intends to reduce the use of alcohol and tobacco products. It is also planned to promote among the citizens a healthy diet and exercise.

In 2013-2014 in connection with the tightening of anti-Smoking legislation, Smoking is banned in cafes and restaurants, government offices, theatres, hospitals, museums and sports facilities. The limitation is not affected electronic cigarettes and hookah tobacco.