CNN reported on the “acoustic attack” on American diplomats in Cuba

CNN reported on the “acoustic attack” on American diplomats in Cuba

The US state Department announced the “acoustic attack” of some employees of the American Embassy in Havana, according to CNN.

According to the American guardian, resulting from the use by the Cubans of special acoustic equipment the end of 2016, some of the staff have hearing problems. The state Department has requested physicians from the United States to understand the nature of the incident. “We tried to understand the Cubans, what’s going on. However, they insist that they don’t know what’s the matter”, — told the TV channel in dipvedomstva.

The investigation, according to CNN sources connected to the FBI.

As the channel for many years, American diplomats are faced with hostile acts on the part of the representatives of the Cuban state, their property and assets are often subject to damage. However, after the restoration of diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington, the campaign of intimidation began to decline.

As noted in the state Department, “the Cuban government is responsible, under the Geneva Convention, to protect our diplomats.” “We believe that we must remind the Cuban authorities of their responsibilities under the Vienna Convention,” — said in depodesta.

Cuban authorities categorically deny any involvement in acts of aggression against American diplomats and members of their families.