The Pentagon explained how the FSI Russian aircraft allowed to fly over the White house

The Pentagon explained how the FSI Russian aircraft allowed to fly over the White house

The representative of the U.S. Department of defense noted that foreign observers can fly “almost the entire territory” within the framework of the open skies Treaty.

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. The representative of the Ministry of defense explained that the observers in the framework of the open skies Treaty can ask for rights to fly to any place and almost always get permission. Thus, foreign military observers can fly “almost the entire territory,” he told the publication Politico.

CNN reported earlier that a Russian military plane flew on Wednesday over the Capitol, the Pentagon and other presidential residences, making consistent with the US flight under the open skies Treaty.

In particular, the plane was granted permission to enter a top secret area of the airspace in the area of the White house.

Observation flights over the United States earlier announced the Russian defense Ministry. The interlocutors CNN confirmed that the route was agreed with the American authorities, and on Board were representatives of the U.S. air force.

“Usually they (the Russian observers) come and present a list of locations on which would like to fly,” — said the publication of an unnamed representative of the us military.

We are compiling a flight plan, and with a few exceptions that relate to safety and weather conditions, they are allowed to fly in almost all areas.A Pentagon Spokesman

According to him, all the flights are “very regulated and carefully controlled,” including about the fact that when observers “are permitted to take readings of the sensors.” According to the Pentagon, also on Board are American military personnel who monitor compliance with the terms of the contract.

“These missions are almost routine basis,” — said the representative of the military Department of the USA.

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