The defense Ministry will strip the military departments



The Russian defense Ministry has prepared a bill on the reorganization of the system of students ‘ military training. It is reported Life.

According to the publication, if the document is adopted, the military departments in institutions will disappear, and instead, they will receive military training centers.

Students enrolled in these centers will be able to conclude with the Ministry of defence the contract on passage of military service after graduation — a private, Sergeant or officer.

In the explanatory note to the draft law States that in the military educational system “there has been some confusion, violation of logic and duplication of functions”. So, often in the same civilian universities is training of officers, contract soldiers and reservists.

The defense Ministry said that in military centers at universities should prepare their privates, sergeants and reserve officers only those occupations that each individual University will request of the Ministry of defense.

As the source of Life in the Ministry of education, according to the authors of the law, the introduction of military training centers will increase competition between universities.

According to the editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko, now the majority of military departments of universities produce lieutenants of shell, and to prepare a good specialist faculty the current University military departments “simply impossible”.

In July, the media reported that the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of education is planning to enter Russian universities, military courses, which allow students to be trained in military specialties outside the army. Now in civilian universities, military training through military training centers and military departments, which train officers. It was reported that from the legislation it is proposed to remove the term “military Department” and “military training center” and replace them with the concept of “military training center”. Graduates will be able to decide what to do after the course: to develop professional career in army under the contract or to go to active reserve. Reservists are likely to call for special fees once a year.