The far East is in danger to take the path of Kosovo


RIA Novosti

In Russia so far failed significantly to reduce irregular migration situation “remains a threat to public security”, including in the far Eastern Federal district (FEFD). This was stated by Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev during a field meeting in Yakutsk to discuss national security issues in DFO.

According to him, only in 2017 (i.e. just a few months!) there on the migratory account delivered about 400 thousand foreign citizens (growth 15%). About guests from the what States have made it an impressive number, Patrushev said. But it should be clear that without the Chinese and Koreans certainly not done.

The outflow of indigenous population from the Far East over the last 20 years amounted to almost two million people — has left nearly 20% of the indigenous population of the region. Among the reasons for this is the underdeveloped social, communal and transport infrastructure, low income levels in most sectors of the economy, high dependence on the food supply.

“Of particular concern is the employment of rural population. The unemployment rate is high. The most difficult situation is observed in the Jewish Autonomous region, Primorsky and Kamchatka territories”, — said Patrushev.

He noted that so far failed significantly to reduce irregular migration, “which remains a threat to public security, is a breeding ground for terrorism, transboundary crime, kriminalitaet economic relations”. These challenges and threats relevant to the far Eastern Federal district, where the background of the low density of the indigenous population rather intensive migration processes.

In this regard Patrushev put before the meeting a number of priority tasks: to strengthen immigration control, to intensify efforts to detect and prevent violations of migration legislation, paying particular attention to the fight against corruption, and intensify efforts on timely detection among migrants of persons likely to commit illegal acts, including professing radical religious views.

On the one hand, can not but rejoice that the government pays attention to the problems of the Far East, on the other — not enough to identify the key issues. Important — how can we change this negative trend. And with practical steps, according to experts, in the far Eastern Federal district has a big problem in different circumstances.

The General Director of Institute of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev said that the outflow of indigenous population from the Far East is not only in the Central regions of Russia, but in China, although there it is much less.

— If we are talking about the problems of illegal migration, in the far East at least have equipped the border since the days of the Soviet-Chinese border conflicts. It is not the border with the Central Asian States, which often exist only on paper and in the minds of people. Far Eastern illegal immigrants under cover of night on the frontier not sneaking in. Mostly they come legally. But then from the category of guests, traders, and tourists pass in a different “category”. Their identification does not only FSB, but also those of the police unit that replaced the migration service. And I would not say that this is a very difficult task — “tourists” do not settle in the forest and come to town, do business, open shops.

Therefore, the issue of combating illegal migration is the issue of the consistent activities of the relevant authorities, law enforcement, and also labour organization, about what, in fact, Patrushev said.

That is, any emergency action is required. You just have to be at least eliminate existing lightweight mechanisms, the functioning of which is explained by the fact that the trip to China was, and still is the main direction of the Shuttle business. After all, asking for privileges for themselves, we gave them to the Chinese.

Another thing is that it actually worked in Chinese business. In fact, from fishing villages on our borders and there is a densely populated city…

“SP”: — the Figures announced in Yakutsk, look rather ominous from the point of view of national security… To remedy the situation some real action is taken?

— The outflow of indigenous population from the Far East — the open secret. People are leaving, because in some places there is no work. One Russian student, answering the question — why do you stay in China, because you’re not Chinese? — answered here at least some perspective, and there is none at all.

The problem of outflow of the population is not a problem of migration and the socio-economic situation in the region. It is clear that we have often considered saying where I live — is bad, and in another place, good. But local far Eastern young people there is no certainty that if she stays, it will be to live a normal life. If the system does not develop, the situation will not only remain at the level it degrades.

As for this situation, the problem lies in the fact that it is unclear how to take money and how to use them for development of the region? First, focusing on state programs and budgetary spending. When it became clear that it is impossible, decided to attract private investment. Here already the question arose: investments from anyone — Russian or foreign companies? And how many of them need to be tightened?

In Chita, for example, until 1998, was the headquarters of the Transbaikal military district and there were no major enterprises. And that there to create something, you need to correctly assess what to develop?

But investment in the far East, of course, need a very serious. For example, now has a program “far Eastern hectare”. But, in fact, it comes with the following — we give you land, and you come with shovels and lift the far East at their own expense. The maximum that we will make for you the road will have…

But the conversation, saying that you guys can lift the area, it will not move. Should attachments be commensurate with the economic program. And — with the guarantee that they really reach the recipients. But as shown, the construction of the Vostochny space centre, this does not always happen…

“SP”: — the Threat of terrorism in the far East is really real?

— It is clear that this refers to non-Muslim terrorism — the Uighurs are likely to fight themselves than us. The problem is that the Chinese are coming to the far East, woven into our social fabric, which, of course, causes irritation in the local poor population. In this sense, the incidents on ethnic grounds, and large — scale, unfortunately, is possible.

For example, in the Zabaykalsky Krai the theme of Chinese migrants — the most rating, and use it for PR in local politics.

— The situation in the far East concerns everyone — law enforcement, and economic sectors, and in General the leadership of the country that largely condones the situation — said the Deputy Director of the Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin. — But! When in the 2000-ies there were several stricter immigration laws and, say, from Buryatia began to leave the Chinese, the local residents complained that the work is now no one. A Russian and Buryat on exempt jobs can not be attracted. This is such a specific time, and not only economic, but I would say, even mental.

In General, many factors lead ultimately to a rather unpleasant situation. I’m not even talking about the “sinicization” of the Far East — this is obviously already happening. And that could be repeated in its kind “Kosovo scenario”. That is a sharp change in the demographic balance with the subsequent nomination of political demands.

“SP”: — You do not exclude even such a thing?

— Of course, not exclude it. The more that Chinese territorial claims have not gone away. They just pushed under the rug. And to bring them to Beijing we are still optional. And it’s not that China is bad or good. He is objectively necessary expansion due to the lack of territory and resources.