In Moscow staged an “ambush” for fans to litter on roads

On the roads of the Moscow region on the night of 7 to 8 August, held a RAID on the identification of cases of illegal dumping of waste in the roadside area, according to the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the region. A press release received “” on Tuesday, August 8.

“Organization of individuals landfills on the region’s roads — it’s just a shame! We will fight with violators, and prevent the formation of waste dumps on the roads of Moscow region”, — said the Minister of transport of the region Igor Treskov.

Total for the night was caught 12 offenders. One of them tried to throw trash out of the car on Myakininskaya highway, similar cases were also registered Yegoryevsk and Ostashkovskoe highway. On the Kashira, the workers tried to reset the car full of waste.

Concerning detainees protocols on an administrative offense, they will have to pay the penalty of 5 thousand rubles.

In patrolling the streets was attended by representatives of the Ministry, traffic police, Gosadmtekhnadzor, service, inspection roads, GBU MO Mosavtodor, as well as activists of the project “General cleaning” of the Russian popular front (onf). The RAID was organized at the request of the Governor.

In social networks out anti-rubbish raids are conducted under the hashtag #pig? Tag #Chistopolskaya you can view information on the environmental shares that are held in the region.

On the eve of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov said that to solve the problem of waste disposal in mosoblasti need using the most advanced technologies.

On 20 July it was reported that in the Noginsk district eliminated the dumping of household and construction waste. The day before it became known about garbage collection with 31 points, plotted on the interactive map of the project “General cleaning”.