Google employee fired for writing about gender diversity

Google employee fired for writing about gender diversity

Moscow. 8 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — Google Employee, resolusi colleagues a letter with their thoughts on gender diversity in the company, who was fired, said Tuesday BBC News.

At the end of last week the Google employees received a letter explaining the disparity between men and women in the company. According to the author of the text, this is due to biological differences which make women more difficult to succeed in IT companies and in leadership positions. He argues that “we need to stop thinking that gender differences imply sexism”.

Google refused to name the author of the letter. Daniel brown, responsible in the company for the representation of minorities, sharply criticized the text. Executive Director, Sundar Pichai called the offensive a theory that some of his colleagues are less suitable for their work because of biology.

However, Pichai noted that some abstracts of the letter can be discussed regardless of whether according to them the majority of Google employees. The unknown author of the text claims that received a lot of positive feedback.