Nebesa: the military adventures around North Korea would be disastrous for the region


RIA Novosti

UN, August 5 — RIA Novosti. Military adventures in the conflict over the DPRK from either side would be disastrous for regional stability, said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia.

“I would like to hope for the sincerity expressed by the Secretary of state assurances that the US does not aim to overthrow the current regime of the DPRK, the forced unification of the Peninsula or military intervention in this country. It is of concern that proposed paragraph of the draft resolution embodying these provisions, found no support from the authors. Eventual military adventures from either side would be disastrous for global and regional stability,” — said Nebenzia at the meeting of the UN security Council dedicated to the discussion of the resolution on new sanctions against the DPRK.

Before the UN security Council passed a resolution toughening sanctions against the DPRK.

According to estimates of the American party, which proposed the resolution, the full implementation of these restrictions would reduce the annual foreign exchange earnings in Pyongyang, components now about $ 3 billion, $ 1 billion.

North Korea in July conducted a launch of two ballistic missiles “And 14”, which, according to the United States are Intercontinental, and according to the Russian military — medium range.