Found an unexpected property of black holes

Scientists from the Center for astrophysics and space Sciences in San Diego came to the conclusion that tiny black holes can get inside neutron stars and to absorb their stuff like parasites. This process leads to the appearance of heavy chemical elements such as gold, platinum and uranium. Article researchers published in the journal Physical Review Letters. This was reported on the website

In the early stages of evolution of the Universe space was filled with hydrogen and helium. Of them began to form the first stars, in the depths of which were synthesized heavier chemical elements, up to iron. Atoms with a higher sequence number can be formed only in case of catastrophic events such as supernovae or the mergers of two neutron stars.

Researchers have proposed a new mechanism of formation of heavy elements with small black holes. The latter are hypothetical objects that could arise as a byproduct of the Big Bang. They, according to scientists, can make a certain amount of dark matter. If such black hole will get inside a neutron star, it will lead to the release of material that is rich in neutrons. This may explain the observed abundance of heavy elements in the Universe.

Astrophysicists believe that their view is confirmed by the fact that in the centers of galaxies, where there should be many black holes, neutron stars are few. In addition, the process of devouring must be accompanied by the emission of radiation, which can cause fast radio bursts.