A rating of Donald trump fell to a new low

The rating of the President of the United States Donald trump among Americans has dropped to its lowest level since his inauguration in January of this year. It is reported by CNN publishing results of the SSRS survey, commissioned by the TV channel.

After 200 days as President, the trump approved 38 percent of respondents, three months, this figure dropped to six percent. The proportion dissatisfied with the policy of trump was 56 percent, which is two percent worse than the figures published 100 days ago.

The President continues to support the Republicans, but among them, the trust level fell from 73 to 59 percent.

The channel asks a question that could support a rating of trump. One of the ways journalists called the press conference and recalled that for the whole term as the 45th President of the United States of all times communicated with the press, 16 Feb. They recalled that his predecessor, Barack Obama went to press nine times in six months.

President trump during election campaign, started a war with the media, many of whom, he said, are “fake”. The vast majority of media in the elections supported the opponent of trump, Hillary Clinton and continued critical coverage of the administration after the accession of the President in office.

Most of the us media, including CNN, to accuse trump in relations with Russia, which allegedly intervened in the election helped him to win the presidential race. In Moscow reject these accusations. At the end of June a senior producer of CNN admitted that the news and articles on trump’s relations with Russia and the intervention of the Russian intelligence services in the American elections was written by the staff of CNN for the sake of increasing readability. And most of them are “this is bullshit”.

2 Jul trump posted on his Twitter page to a video in which he beat a man with the head, closed with a logo of CNN. The channel responded to the tweet, calling it “a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against journalists”