Associate of Udaltsov has commented on the release of opposition to freedom

Leonid Razvozzhayev

The release coordinator “the Left front” Sergey Udaltsov, who was convicted on the case about mass disorders on Bolotnaya square in Moscow — “a wonderful event for politically active citizens of Russia”. This opinion Tuesday, August 8, in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” stated ally of oppositionist Leonid Razvozzhayev.

“I think he’s in prison he had more life experience, wisdom. I hope that now lead an active political activities,” he said.

About the release of Udaltsov from the Tambov penal colony it became known earlier on Tuesday.

In March last year Rasskazovskogo district court of the Tambov region dismissed the opposition on parole. Against PAROLE were made by the representatives of the FSIN informed the court that the convict has eight penalties and no rewards.

In July 2014 Mosgorsud recognized Udaltsov and Razvozzhayev guilty of organizing riots at the time agreed with the city authorities of the action “March of millions” which took place on may 6, 2012. Then the demonstration ended in clashes with police injured dozens of people, hundreds of protesters were detained. The court sentenced the opposition leaders to 4.5 years of imprisonment.

Razvozzhayev was released in April of this year. Another associate of Udaltsov — Konstantin Lebedev, is also accused of organizing mass riots — pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation. He was released on PAROLE in may 2014.