About half of Russians voted for the renovation of housing in their city

Almost half of Russians (42%) believed that their city needed to undertake the renovation of housing. This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on the website of the organization.

At the same time, 47 percent of respondents believe that in their village there are more serious problems than the old housing, and 11 percent were undecided.

73 percent of respondents said that some regions are more in need of the program of renovation than Moscow.

Head of political analysis and consulting VTSIOM Mikhail Mamonov commented on the poll results: “the Hypothesis that the majority would vote for the implementation of the program of the renovation of their subject, have not been confirmed”.

“The reason for this is not only more modest demands, but also to assess the degree of realism of this program in their regions. The Russians can see what squeak is the implementation of current programmes, and have little hope,” — said the expert. He added that the attention of the residents of the regions focused on everyday problems: the state of the economy, availability of jobs, the price level, the condition of the roads, utilities, etc.

The survey was conducted from 22 to 27 June in 46 regions. It was attended by 1,600 people. The probability of error does not exceed 3.5 percent.

The program of renovation of housing in Moscow will last until 2023. The final list of houses to be demolished, entered 5144 buildings, which are home to about a million people.

Under renovation hit the five-story building, about one hundred and nine -, and two – and three-story buildings. The final decision on inclusion in the program were the residents of the houses — it had the consent of more than two thirds of the owners.