Volodin was pleased with the pace of construction of the perinatal center in Tambov


RIA Novosti

TASS, 4 August. The speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin was pleased with the pace of construction of the perinatal center in Tambov, the deadline of which was postponed several times, informs on Friday a press-service of administration of the Tambov region.

Volodin visited the construction site of the center for visiting the region as part of a visit to his constituency. “Is the order of the President on the construction of perinatal centres in the regions. Here (in Tambov – approx. TASS) is to finish the center.” – quoted in a press-service of the word Volodina.

Construction of perinatal center speaker of the state Duma visited together with the head of the region Alexander Nikitin. Construction was suspended several times due to problems with contractors. Now the customer of construction state-owned company rostec signed a contract with a new contractor, after which the construction works were resumed. The readiness center is about 70%, to put it into operation is planned in November.

Volodin said that “it is not easy to pass the object in time when changing a few contractors”. “Now the situation is resolved. It is a merit of the Governor Nikitin, who personally oversees the construction”, – Volodin was quoted in a press-service. He also said that the issue of postponement of the introduction of perinatal centres exist in many regions, for example, in the Penza region.

In a press-service of regional administration also reported that Volodin has visited the Tambov another object, which not long ago was also a protracted – martial arts Centre. Now the object is ready to receive athletes, the opening is planned for August.

“Martial arts centre that meets not only Federal, but also international level. In the merit of regional authorities, who have built such technological chain, which will allow you to pass an object in a short time”, – said the speaker of the state Duma.

About the perinatal center

Tambov perinatal center for 150 patients will be the region’s largest obstetrical and pediatric complex. As previously reported by the regional health Directorate, in the first quarter of 2017 in the Tambov region was recorded the lowest infant mortality rate in the country – 1.2 per 1000 people.