A man with a knife tried to break into the Eiffel tower

Armed with a knife men tried to break into the Eiffel tower, detained him. About it reports on Sunday, August 6, Franceinfo.

According to the information portal, the incident occurred late on Saturday. The man tried to overcome one of the checkpoints at the foot of the tower. It was quickly neutralized.

It is noted that as a result of incident nobody has suffered. Apparently, the man was acting alone, about his motives still unknown.

The Eiffel tower is possible until 00:00 and it closes at 00:45. Because of the incident, visitors were asked to leave the facility 15 minutes early. How many people were on the tower, not specified.

In March it was reported that the authorities of Paris decided to protect the Eiffel tower by a wall of bulletproof glass with a height of 2.5 meters. It plans to build by the end of 2018. Estimated cost of the project — 20 million euros. The wall is built on the site of the metal fence, which is set for the championship of Europe on football of 2016.

In January it was reported that the municipality of Paris was going to spend 300 million euros for the modernization of the tower. It was explained that the funds will be used to reduce the queues to attractions and redecorating of the facility.