Unknown with knives and a gun attacked a restaurant in Zelenograd

Employees of the Moscow Central Board of Regardie detained alleged members of the domestic conflict fatalities. On Sunday, August 6, the press service of the Ministry told “Interfax”.

“Today, about 5 hours and 30 minutes to the duty of divisions of private security Zelenograd on the received information about the fact that on the protected object on the street Alekseeva triggered the alarm. The place was immediately sent a group of detention”, — is spoken in the message.

During the inspection of the object in one of the rooms, the staff of Regardie found three men with stab wounds to the abdomen. One of them died on the spot, two others were hospitalized. According to preliminary data, victims have been domestic conflict with a group of men who then fled in a car.

Soon the car was found near the scene. The occupants of her four suspects, aged between 27 to 32 years seized four knives, a Taser and the subject similar to the gun.

As noted by REN TV, unknown assailants attacked a restaurant. The surveillance cameras shows that at first men opened fire on the street.

Video: ren.tv