In Thailand, opened a “prison” hotel for travelers

In Thailand, opened a “prison” hotel for travelers

Imagine that you went to jail in an exotic Asian country, but for a night in a cell you have been asked to pay. Creepy, right? In fact, the camera is comfortable, the bed wide and soft, and the toilet sparkles.

In Thailand, namely in Bangkok, opened a hostel-prison, where rooms are separated from each other by bars, and the hotel grounds are fenced with metal gates. The hotel has a curfew, guests find comfortable rooms and scattered plush toys, not too relaxed.

The hotel is located in the bustling Bangkok area Udomsuk. In every room of approximately 8 m2.

When registering, guests will receive an iron mug and a striped pair of pajamas, and a memorable “receipt” of a criminal record.

The bathroom, although clean as a whistle, is common to all prisoners, so that this point you need to consider going to the prison. However, for those wishing to retire there EN-Suite rooms with iron doors, a sauna and a lounge area. Per night in this hostel are asked a modest of$ 40, reports The Daily Mail.

Inside Bangkok”s prison-themed hotel where guests get a mugshot, striped pyjamas and a ‘lights-out curfew’

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) August 6, 2017
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